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My parents got a new roof in 2013, and they got it with ice barriers, so I thought ice dams weren't a problem. But then I hear that [ profile] dcltdw and [ profile] nuclearpolymer also have a new roof, also with ice barriers, and they've got water infiltrating their living quarters. I start to doubt.

Well, I doubt no longer. Water is infiltrating my parents' house in several locations, and new stains are appearing on the ceilings daily. I am afraid to go up into the attic to see what it looks like up there. The folks who installed the roof are going to come over and clean snow off, at $300/hour.

But hey, it could be worse. I'm reasonably healthy, vastly wealthier than the majority of humanity, and I know how to solve differential equations.

Date: 2015-03-03 04:28 pm (UTC)
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Yep, new roof with ice barriers in 2014, and we have serious water leaks. However, I suspect the problem is the weird/stupid shape of our roof. Around the perimeter of the back of the house, at about 12 ft up, there is a 2 ft ledge of pseudo roof. Almost like a decorative ruffle. What has happened is that the icicles grew off the second story roof & landed on the ruffle, turned into huge columns of ice, and covered the ruffle with a 1 ft tall coating of ice while the ice column attached to the house wall. I bet they put the ice barrier on the second story roof, but did not put it behind the shingles of the house wall near the ruffle. Our water is coming in primarily through the first floor ceiling rather than the second floor ceiling, right near the ruffle.

Stupid ruffle.

I don't know how to solve differential equations anymore, but yeah, reasonably healthy and vastly wealthier than most of humanity.


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